Server Engineer

Server Engineer
Banana Interactive Co., Ltd.
Last Updated: Sep 18, 2021

We’re looking for an experienced Server Engineer to join our in-house development team for our cross-platform game center. The game center team is an independent product team developing a cutting-edge game center for players to play 40+ games in our game library. More than that, the service is also the best way for our players to keep their accounts safe.

We’re building a service for hundreds of millions of users and therefore need to think about scalability and security from the get-go. We’re currently doing this with two backend engineers and you would be the third. Your responsibility would be to both maintain and operate existing systems as well as design, implement and maintain new ones. We will give you a small team’s worth of responsibility, so there’s no one else to thank or blame for any successes or failures. Most things you would work on, you would also own. You get to choose what tools to use, i.e. we trust that you know what you’re doing and expect you to build systems that are scalable and easy to maintain and troubleshoot.

For anyone with a background in a large tech company with huge engineering teams, we want to emphasize that this position doesn’t come with ready-made building blocks that are just waiting to be put into place. On the other hand, you get to handle a much larger spectrum of technical details. It’s a job that suits someone with a strong preference for being hands-on and with a solid understanding of how to do things well and wisely, from the ground up.

Design, implement, deploy and maintain a scalable, highly available and secure game center for millions of users
Collaborate with team members and game developers to clarify and define concepts, use cases and requirements
Offer 24/7 first-line support of the production environments, as part of a rotating on-call duty

Experience in designing, developing, operating and maintaining a production system
Excellent programming skills and experience with server-side backends written in e.g. Java, Go or Node.js, and the ability to pick up new languages and tools quickly
Good experience with Linux shell and scripting languages
Experience with cloud computing, preferably AWS
Ability to think clearly under pressure. We aim for minimal downtime in our core systems. You are expected to be able to respond to and troubleshoot a wide range of issues in a production environment
Being passionate and committed to tasks, and in general an autonomous person with high levels of initiative and energy
Ability to manage priorities and tight deadlines with incomplete data
An open and respectful attitude towards others and their work
Enthusiasm towards games in general
Experience of working with payment providers is a plus

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