🥇We won the Paddle Battle 🏓 at Hongqiao nakedHub in Season June!!!

Big Congraduation to Kevin for championing the season June of Ping Pong Match at Hongqiao site of nakedHub!

The final was so fierce that many audiences stood around the ping-pong table for the whole course in order not to miss any moment of the match. Kevin was beat in the first game, but didn’t lose his faith. The thought of championing what you love to do stimulated Kevin to fight to end and eventually turned the match around. Splenddid! That is exactly one important piece of culture at Banana Interactive.

The Fierce Final
Absorbed Audience
The Award Ceremony








Now the Banana Ping Pong team has grown up a lot. Check the three new members below.

Dancing Style
Patience, Patience, Patience
Smile Attack!








We now routinely have a Ping-Pong time on Friday afternoon. Enjoy the show! ^_^

2 v 2
Ziwang vs Kevin
Junhua vs Yujung

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